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  • I feel proud to say that my kids study in Sadhu Vaswani International School. The past 2 years were very difficult for both of us, we as parents and even teachers. But the teachers have done a splendid job and are still doing it. Even the management has to be appreciated for considering our convenience and conducting the classes in the hybrid mode. I am even thankful to the helping hands in the school who take care of the hygiene of our kids who are attending the offline classes. It is highly appreciated that extra curricular activities are also conducted in the school. Thank you teachers for putting in so much effort and building up the base of the students.

    Parent: Mrs. Heena Wangde

    Child: Sarah Wangde (Jr. kg. B)
  • Greetings to all, I am the parent of Tanya Kasar of Std Srkg - B and Dhaval Kasar of Std 2C. I wish to thank Principal ma’am, Vice- principal ma’am, the entire teaching staff and the school management for providing the best learning experience to my kids during these difficult times. I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts taken by the school. From day one, my kids have enjoyed each and every class and they look forward to attend school every day. Apart from studies, teaching of values, discipline, good manners and many other life lessons by the teachers have made a marked difference in them. Teachers encourage kids to participate in extracurricular activities and competitions which they thoroughly enjoy. The impact made by the teachers definitely goes beyond the classroom teaching. Thank you for helping my kids to improve their learning and instilling confidence within them. We will always be grateful to all of you for your support and kindness,
    With kind regards.

    Parent- Mrs. Shalu P. Kasar.

    Child- Tanya Kasar (Sr. kg. B)
  • We took admission in June 2021 and are very happy with our decision. Classes were conducted online, but still my kid was able to understand everything because of the innovative teaching methodology & the discipline which the teachers maintained.
    In a nutshell Holistic Nurturing of kids is the philosophy of Sadhu Vaswani International School.

    Parent - Mr. Sourabh Gupta

    Child - Shreyan Gupta (1D)
  • Sadhu Vaswani International School is one of the best school in Sanpada. They have experienced staff and ratio of teacher, student per class is also apt.. We get full support of teachers in online classes also. Teachers teach well so kids understand in better way. Teachers make sure that every kid get chance in class for reading practice. Overall we are happy with the school.
    Thank you.

    Parent - Mrs. Rupali Yadav

    Child - Gargi Yadav (1 D)
  • Sadhu Vaswani International School is not just an educational Institution . It’s a place where values like humanity, sincerity, honesty and love for animals is instilled in kids. -With Spirituality and positivity,the attitude of the teachers aim at creating a dynamic and lively environment for studies.

    Parent - Mr. Rupesh More

    Child - Palak More ( 2A)
  • My children have been a part of Sadhu Vaswani International School right from play school. Over the years, it has been a gratifying experience to see the management and the teachers integrate the school curriculum with emphasis on moral values and instil the same in the students to build a good character. The management and the staff are approachable and supportive. I am glad that I am attached to an institution that has genuinely supported us, parents, especially during this pandemic. Besides the formal Parent Teacher Meetings, the teachers are always ready to extend their help and attend to our queries. Furthermore, the student- teacher ratio encourages better engagement with the teacher. The teachers share a very good rapport with the children. My children feel confident and safe in this school. It’s a great school and a great team running it. Thank you Sadhu Vaswani School Management and teachers.

    Parent - Mrs. Roma Pawar

    Child - Aarush Pawar (5B)
  • Sadhu Vaswani International School, Sanpada is a great school that feels like one big family. The teachers truly care about each child and create a personal bond with them. They are passionate about their jobs and are truly invested in the children’s needs and education. Their encouragement for nurturing the skills and talent in other activities is just amazing. I am really happy with the progress my daughter is making in this school. I could not think of a better school for my daughter to be in.

    Parent - Mrs. Nikita Chavan

    Child - Nishita Chavan (8B)
  • School life is meant to be not just educative, but also a happy phase of a child’s life – and so it has been for our daughter Omi at SVIS, Sanpada. It has been an institution where she not only imbibed good Indian values and culture, but also found a place where her natural talents received support, encouragement and recognition.

    In addition to the classroom, Omi's interests got channelised at the school’s tennis courts as well as in the school’s cozy auditorium, where over the years, she enthusiastically participated in quizzes, skits, Shakespeare and dance events. Not to forget the active support and encouragement by all her teachers, Principal ma’am and administrators. (In fact, the book of poems that she had written was inaugurated in the school’s auditorium by the school Principal along with Manju Nichani ma’am). If Omi’s thoughts on her school were to be condensed into one small sentence she uses often, it is this, “I love going to school.” She associates SVIS with shaping her education, strongly identifies with its core values; and also cherishes the happy memories for life that SVIS has brought her. All in all, as parents we feel Omi’s schooling at SVIS, Sanpada has been more than just learning the formal curriculum. All its teachers, administrators and staff deserve recognition for making this a wonderful institution.

    Parent - Mrs. Jina Mehta

    Child - Omi Mehta (9A)
  • My name is Pakhi Tiwari. I study in Sadhu Vaswani International School. My school is one of the most prestigious schools in the city. Along with studies, other social and cultural activities are also organised in my school. Every student who comes here receives good value based education. The clean and positive atmosphere of our school inspires us to study. My teachers are polite and teach us in a very creative and attractive way. I love my school and I am proud of it.

    Pakhi Tiwari

  • The environment in my school is very warm and welcoming.It has an aura that stimulates students to learn new things. My overall experience in the past nine years to be precise, has been wonderful. My school has an amazing infrastructure too. SVIS has provided me with a number of opportunities to grow and hone my skills and talents. Love SVIS

    Laavni Agrawal

    VI B
  • My school is like a second home to me. Schools impart knowledge to students and help them excel in life. But my school not only imparts knowledge but also teaches us morals and values which help us not only to be successful in life but also grow up to become kind and compassionate individuals.Our teachers are kind and helpful, and solve our doubts immediately when asked. Emphasis is not only given to academics but also extra-curricular activities which help us find our interests in life. What I like the most about my school is the fact that teachers are not only focused on guiding us to get good grades in our examinations, but also gradually helping us learn about the outside world. I am proud to be a part of the SVIS family.

    Niyantri Iyer

    VII A
  • I feel very proud to be a student of SVIS, Navi Mumbai. There are many unique characteristics about my school that I love. It always has a welcoming, positive and a joyful environment. All my teachers are always friendly and caring towards us. The school has a Play-area, an amazing Tennis Court and a well- maintained playground. We participate in various activities and competitions like Spell-Bee , Elocutions, Debates and many more. Many Sport events are also conducted on a regular basis. I feel honoured and privileged to be a part of this great institution.

    Vihaan Alawani

    VIII A
  • SVIS has boosted my confidence, improved my public speaking skills, and has made me realize my potential. My teachers are amazing and are always ready to clear my doubts. Discussions are a part of regular teaching and our opinions are always asked. Students are always at ease. Before the pandemic, I remember being very excited about the school assemblies, various workshops, trips to the library and boisterous P.E sessions with my friends. During the pandemic, online classes were made interactive by the teachers through stories, videos, and quizzes. Oh boy, am I glad to be back to school!

    Antara Subhash

    IX A