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  • Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani


    This School – dream of Dada Vaswani has come a long way over the years. A recipient of many awards and accolades, affiliated to the ICSE board has set an example for other educational institutions. The three Cs this school believes in – Courage, Compassion and Character is the formula for a true winner.

Stand up and have the courage to air your views and follow your dreams, however tough or farfetched it may seem initially. Showing compassion as you march towards your goal helps build teams, make friends and indirectly help the others get closer to their goals.

Once the first two Cs (Courage and Compassion) are ingrained into an individual, his character takes shape. Perfection comes with experience, successes and a few failures. These tools make one stronger at the same time equipping one mentally to reach the summit.

My best wishes to Dr. Manju Nichani, secretary & Rector for the Sadhu Vaswani Mission, the Principal Mrs. Samriddhi Roy, staff, students and faculty for a very successful and positive year. May each one of you move ahead towards your goals, while your teachers provide you with the inspiration and motivation guiding you on the correct path.